ESSPI is an innovation company, diligently crafting a range of proprietary technologies aimed at enhancing safety standards across various industries. These solutions are designed to mitigate risks, bolster security, and promote a safer environment.

Locker Solution:

Charging lockers are becoming ubiquitous in urban cities due to the increasing dependence on smart devices. Our product stands out in this burgeoning market, offering both security and rapid charging capabilities. The durability and user-friendly interface of our lockers ensure that consumers have a seamless experience. Furthermore, our lockers are equipped with cutting-edge technology that supports a variety of devices.

Iso Container:

The iso container is meticulously designed with the consumers' safety as our foremost priority. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, it enables early detection and notification capabilities. The iso container's robust construction ensures maximum durability and protection in the event a thermal runaway event.