ESSPI, or Energy Safety Storage Products International, has developed state-of-the-industry fire management solutions and training processes geared to combat energy storage system fire and shock hazard events. ESSPI offers a comprehensive package of equipment (systems), processes, and training that enables organizations from a wide range of industries to properly prepare for, combat and contain extremely dangerous and hazardous emergencies resulting from these fires.


Because of its growth, lithium ion and lithium (Li) systems are quickly becoming the focus of training event requests. Li batteries are inexpensive, lightweight and environmentally safer than some alternatives, but they generate large amounts of electricity, and present a short-circuit hazard that can have a greater impact than in other batteries. Though we place focus on li ion technologies, our training identifies issues in many energy storage system types. Our fire/safety management systems can be designed to protect any number of energy storage technology.

Future Prospects

Looking forward, ESSPI envisions a future where its cutting-edge solutions become a global standard in energy storage safety, significantly reducing the risks associated with fire and electrical hazards in a growing number of industries. We aim to continue advancing our technologies to not only respond to existing safety challenges but also to anticipate future trends and demands in energy storage safety. Our ongoing research and development efforts are expected to introduce breakthroughs that will pave the way for safer, more reliable, and even more efficient energy storage options. As energy storage systems become increasingly integral to our daily lives, ESSPI is committed to being at the forefront of safety innovation, providing peace of mind and protection where it matters most.


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Iso Container

Our truck product is meticulously designed with the consumers' safety as our foremost priority. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, it features advanced driver assistance systems that constantly monitor the vehicle's surroundings and can autonomously react to prevent potential collisions. The truck's robust construction ensures maximum durability and protection in the event of any impact.